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Secondary school parents, Children’s Parliament share guidelines for pupils ahead of return to school

The Confederation of Secondary School Parents in collaboration with the Cyprus Children’s Parliament issued on Sunday a list of 12 guidelines to final year pupils in Lyceums and Technical Schools who will go back to school tomorrow:

“On Monday, May 11, we are going back to school and we must continue to act as responsibly as we have in recent days against the pandemic in order to protect ourselves, our families and the people we love and who love us back.

Below are some important instructions on what we need to do as of this coming Monday, May 11:

  • We enter the school from the predetermined point and go straight to the allocated classroom. We disinfect our hands with antiseptic and sit at our predetermined desk, following the relevant instructions prepared by our school management.
  • We maintain the required distance from our classmates and teachers.
  • We do not shake hands or hug; we will show our love by protecting them while maintaining safe distances.
  • Optionally, each of us to have antiseptic or antiseptic wet wipes to clean the surface of the desk and our chair as well as the computer keyboard, regardless of whether it has already been disinfected by the school staff. We disinfect our mobile phone with antiseptic wipes at regular intervals or after each use.
  • Optionally, each of us to have a mask and gloves with us for additional safety during recess.
  • If we cough, we cover our nose and mouth with our sleeve at elbow height or with a tissue, which we throw away immediately afterwards. Immediately after, we disinfect our hands with antiseptic.
  • We do not borrow pencils, pens, or other objects used by others.
  • We wash our hands for at least 20 ” and dry them carefully before eating and after using the toilet.
  • We bring food from home and do not drink water directly from the tap by mouth. We can bring water from home as the canteens are closed. We do not buy things from street vendors.
  • If we have suspicious symptoms, we report it to our teacher before entering the classroom.
  • We leave the school from the predetermined exit and head to the car or the bus while maintaining the safety distances.
  • We do not congregate at the bus stop and do not push each other as we enter or exit the bus. Upon entering the bus, we sit down as determined by the protocol and follow the instructions that ensure our safe transport. Be careful and follow the measures for everyone’s safety.


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