NewsLocalRow over puppies ends up in court

Row over puppies ends up in court

A dispute between two women over two German Shepherd puppies turned nasty after the owner of the dogs assaulted a Nicosia pet shop owner and was convicted of causing real bodily harm. An appeals court has now upheld her conviction, Phileleftheros reported on Wednesday.

It said that the accused had given the pet shop owner two new born puppies for sale at her shop. Three months later, and with the puppies still at the pet shop, the owner went to pick them up but refused to pay the costs for their care at the pet shop.

The pet shop owner complained to police asking that it intervene so that the costs would be paid.

The dog owner stormed into the pet shop shouting  “now you will see who causes an embarrassment. I will make you respect me.”  Then, according to eye witnesses, she grabbed the pet shop owner by the hair, threw her to the ground and started kicking her. She was restrained by other people in the shop.

After several adjournments, the court found her guilty of assault and causing real bodily harm.  She appealed, but her conviction was recently upheld by the appeal court.

The incident dates backs to 2012, but a final decision was only issued six years later, the paper adds.


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