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Request for restraint order for paedophile case

A request for the restraint order of a paedophile that was prematurely released from prison as a result of a presidential pardon was brought before court this morning.

The restraint order requests that the individual convicted be systematically monitored by a psychologist and social worker, and stipulates that other measures may be required in order to protect the victim.

It is expected that the person concerned will then be informed and asked to state his position before a judge. A decision will then be made as to whether the restraint order will be issued.

The disclosure that paedophiles benefited from the presidential pardon with their sentences having been reduced by ¼ has created strong public reactions and has brought a bill that was prepared last year back to the forefront. The bill in question gave more power to courts and authorities in order to protect minors.

One of the powers that may be given through this bill is that paedophiles will be obliged to change their residency through a restraint order, specially when/if the change of residence is in an area where children are active or close to the victim.

Up to date, 28 paedophiles out of a total of 50 have been released since 2014. The rest have been deported.




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