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Reactions against Agathangelou’s appointment increase

Following the appointment of Petros Agathangelou, head of the Cyprus Medical Association to the Administrative Board of the Health Insurance Organization, the scenery reminds of the times before the General Health System (GESY) when once again the medical world was in complete confusion. Doctors who have joined GESY are clearly displeased with the appointment, while doctors who are outside GESY hailed Agathangelou’s appointment.

Furthermore, announcements issued during the weekend by scientific companies also affected the doctors, since according to information, disagreements and tensions had been also recorded in their administrative councils.

The doctors’ reaction to Agathangelou’s appointment was due to the fact that he had been a strong opponent of GESY system.

Several statements by GESY doctors noted that morally and ethically the head of the Cyprus Medical Association should not have accepted the appointment.

However, Marinos Soteriou, who heads the Private Doctors’ Union, which is not a member of GESY, spoke about bullying and methods of populism. He also noted that the most serious danger for GESY is currently the abuse and uncontrolled expenses, as a result of the unanimous decisions of the Health Insurance Organization.

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