NewsLocalProfessor Kostrikkis: Masks are like safety helmets

Professor Kostrikkis: Masks are like safety helmets

“I share the people’s discomfort from the use of the protective masks everywhere,” Leondios Kostrikis, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus and member of the Health Ministry’s epidemiological team said.

The use of masks outside, “which we all agree is not an easy measure, is sending the message that there is an ongoing danger and that things are not normal. It is a process of security and not punishment, like for example the helmet for motorcyclists or the safety belt for drivers.”

Dr. Kostrikis said that he agrees with the last measures the government implemented on 22 October, “since the country’s epidemiological image was getting worse rapidly.”

Regarding choices that exist if the number of confirmed cases is not reduced, Kostrikis said they are limited.


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