NewsLocalPriority service to society’s vulnerable to be granted by law

Priority service to society’s vulnerable to be granted by law

The House Human Rights Committee on Monday exchanged views on a proposal for priority service in both the public and private sectors to be granted by law to society’s vulnerable groups.

That is, the disabled and elderly over the age of 75 as well as pregnant women, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

It was clarified, however, that priority service will be excluded in hospitals and health centers.

And that in places where three or more points of service are in operation, one will be entirely allocated to vulnerable citizens.

“This is not about institutionalizing kindness or courtesy. It is the institutionalization of the Principle of Priority which is derived from articles of the UN Convention on Human Rights,” a spokesman for the disabled told Committee members.

The issue will be debated further with MPs and stakeholders generally in agreement.

Disagreements were expressed as to whether pregnant women should be included as vulnerable persons.

As well as the proposed €500 out-of-court fine against businesses in the event of violation is a bit too high.

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