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Principal accused of racist behavior found not guilty

Following an investigation by the Education Ministry, a principal accused of racist behavior because he refused to allow to six students to get their certificates due to their haircut, was found not guilty.

During the official ceremony, the said principal prevented the students from getting on stage, the attending parents reacted, there was tension and the Police was called.

Among the six students was a boy from Syria who sent photos of his haircut and shared his story with Philelefteros.

He said that due to his parents’ health problems he often had to escort them to hospital since they do not speak Greek and as a result he missed a lot of lessons. However he was allowed to take the relevant exams and provided he got good grades he would get his certificate. As he said, he studied really hard and was successful. So, he would have been really proud to get on that stage after all his hard work. He wanted his parents and teachers to see him get his certificate, since nobody expected he could make it.

Concluding he shared his dream of one day getting the Cypriot nationality and even going to the Cypriot army since he wants to be a Cypriot.

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