NewsLocalPresidential candidate Christodoulides votes in Geroskipou (video)

Presidential candidate Christodoulides votes in Geroskipou (video)

Nikos Christodoulides exercised his right to vote in his hometown of Geroskipou, making a special appeal to young people to come to the polls.

“I have just exercised my right to vote in my place of birth. When you are in the political life of the country you should not forget where you started. Every Cypriot can determine the future with his/her vote. I appeal to the young generation to participate en masse since the future belongs to them,” he said.

“I am optimistic that there will be mass participation. The Cypriot people are proud, and free and have proven through history that in critical moments they are present. The day after should find us all united, as the elections will be over, and the challenges will be before us. Only with unity can we truly meet the aspirations of the people,” he concluded.

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