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President to meet with cheese-makers on halloumi

The verdict of the Legal Service constitutes key for the further course of producing and distributing halloumi that does not fulfill all the specifications of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and will be discussed on Monday, during a meeting between President Anastasiades and the Union of Cheese-makers.

Following the Legal Service’s decision that only a product with the PDO specifications can be called halloumi and be produced and distributed in Cyprus, in the European Union and in third countries, the government is trying to put some order in the situation prevailing in Cyprus.

During a meeting between the relevant Ministries of Agriculture and Commerce and the Legal Service, yesterday determination to implement the law was expressed. All products that do not have the PDO seal must be removed and exports of such products will be banned.

However, there is concern about products that have been produced after 1 October 2021 and which do not have the PDO seal and whether there will be silent tolerance to their distribution. Decisions are expected to be made during Monday’s meeting.

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