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President replies to child’s call to get rid of coronavirus


President Nicos Anastasiades has responded in person to a little girl who asked him in a video that went viral to rid Cyprus of the coronavirus so that she can play with her cousins.

The child mixed up the words quarantine (karantina) and karambina (sort of rifle), a word Anastasiades also used in a reply from a ‘grandfather, who also happens to be president’.

“My sweet Maria good morning…  I saw your beautiful message here from the “quarantine” that I am too and I am even more resolved.

“For you my little girl, for your family, your little cousins that you want to see so badly.

“For all the children in the world, for my own grandchildren that I so much miss hugging, I will continue to work so we can all be together soon, to be without fear, as before.

“So that we talk about the coronavirus and it will be like one of so many stories your mother and father read to you.

“One day, soon I hope, I would like to see you here at the Presidential Palace, along with your cousins and we will make another post where we will all shout together:

“Coronovirus we defeated you. With the “rifle ” and with patience, with science and our collective courage we kicked you out like a bad dream.”

Kisses from a grandfather who also happens to be president.”

In her message, the little girl had said “I don’t want this Karambina any more Mr Nikare. I want my cousins to come to my house. Get rid of this coronovirus, send it somewhere else.”


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