NewsLocalPolice looking into possible animal abuse case following two dogs' rescue

Police looking into possible animal abuse case following two dogs’ rescue

Police are investigating a case of animal abuse following the rescue of two dogs who were retrieved alive from a farm pit on Monday in Kalo Chorio, Larnaca.

The two dogs who were not microchipped are believed to have been deserted by hunters in the area and that someone threw them into the 17-metre pit. used to deposit carcasses of other animals from a livestock farm.

A large-scale operation had occurred for their rescue following a tip-off earlier on the day. Both dogs who are now under the care of a private shelter were undernourished and one had a string tied around his neck.

It has become clear that the pit was in an unfenced area – located within the boundaries of a livestock breeder.

A few days earlier the same farmer had complained that stray dogs attacked animals on his farm.

The breeder will be questioned by the Police and statements  will be taken from other people in a bid to ascertain how the two dogs ended up in the pit.

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