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Police fine 7 establishments and 27 citizens for COVID violations

Police fined the owners and/or managers of 7 establishments and 27 citizens in a total of 2,497 checks the last 24 hours for COVID violations.

In Nicosia, in a total of 664 checks, 4 establishments and 5 people were fined. A bar owner was fined with a 500 fine for working without a safepass. A grill place manager was also fined with a 500 euro for not having a safepass while a restaurant owner was booked for allowing customers to dance. The fine is 500 euro. Another fine of 500 euro was issued against an owner for allowing an employee to work without a safepass.

In Limassol the police checks were 222 and fines were issued against 5 citizens and 2 establishments. An owner of a mini-market was fined with a 1,000 euro fine for not having a safepass. A barber shop owners was fined with 3,000 euro for failing to check customers` safepass.

The police carried out 607 checks in Larnaka and fined 2 citizens while in Paphos, in a total of 203 checks 1 establishment and 4 people were fined. The establishment, a car wash place was fined because 5 people were not wearing a mask while cleaning customers` cars and another 1 did not carry a safepass. The fine is 1,000 euro.

In Famagusta 400 checks were conducted and 11 people were fined and in Morphou no violation was detected in a total of 198 checks. Traffic Department carried out 166 checks and Marine and Port Police 37. No violations were detected.

Nothing was detected in checks at airports as well.

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