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Petition launched to allow dogs at Limassol’s molos

An online petition has been launched demanding Limassol Municipal Council reverse its decision to ban dogs from the molos part of Limassol’s coastal promenade.

It said that the ban was shameful and out of character for “European” Limassol and at time when the government has promised to give priority to animal welfare.

If the problem is the legal framework, then it should change, it added.

The petition — launched on — notes that in many European countries, dogs are allowed in parks, shops and transport — and there is order and cleanliness everywhere.

“The issue is to punish irresponsible citizens and not all citizens. Those who do not clean up after their dogs should be fined, rather than dogs being prohibited. Such dictatorial views show an inability to handle the situation and leave us disappointed,” the petition adds.

Last week, Limassol mayor Nicos Nicolaides said the municipal council had decided to ban dogs in the molos area.

He said that pending approval of the ban from the Interior Ministry, municipal employees will be issuing written warnings to those contravening the ban and urged dog owners to take their pets only to areas where they are permitted.

The decision was slammed on Monday by the Animal Party Cyprus which called for it to be revoked.

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