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Part of Limassol coastal pedestrian road in the air due to damage (PHOTOS)

People using the Limassol coastal pedestrian road must be really careful because part of it, at the area of Agios Tychonas, is very dangerous due to serious damage to the pillars, as can be seen from the photos.

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Some of the pillars are bent, others are rusty and cannot last for long, rocks and the concrete that had kept them together seem to have been swept away and it is not certain the whole thing will remain standing.

It is worth noting that the pedestrian road is used by thousands of people and particularly during the period of the pandemic when walking along the beach is seen as a way out.

The Civil Engineers Union suggested that access to the road’s dangerous parts must be prohibited until these are fixed.

The President of the Agios Tychonas Community Council said the problems were created after a storm last November and added that the damage will be restored when the weather improves.


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