NewsLocalPaphos: Suspects wreck police station while in custody

Paphos: Suspects wreck police station while in custody


Two men arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property are due in court today to be remanded in custody for wrecking Paphos police station, philenews reports.

It said the two, a 35 year old Cypriot and a 32 year old foreign national, both Paphos residents caused considerable damage to the police station where they had been taken after their arrest.

The incident occurred on Monday night when the two were taken to the station after police officers who searched their home found two laptops for which they could not give adequate explanation and which are suspected of being stolen.

But once at the police station, they started breaking the windows, damaged the walls, equipment and the ceiling and assaulted the police officers who intervened to stop them

They were finally immoblised by other police officers who came to help and were arrested. They are due in court for the damage caused.


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