NewsLocalPaphos: 36-year-old arrested for breaking into a car

Paphos: 36-year-old arrested for breaking into a car

A 36 year-old man was arrested in Paphos yesterday on suspicion of theft, illegal possession of property and carrying a knife.

Police had obtained testimony against the 36-year-old according to which the suspect broke into a car parked at a shopping centre in Paphos stealing a jacket, a vest, a cologne, a pair of sunglasses and a wallet.

On arrival the Police found the man sitting in a car wearing the jacket that had been reported as stolen and the 36-year-old was identified by the witness as the thief.

After further investigation, Police found the rest of the stolen goods as well as a knife, a bat, electronic devises, a balaclava hood and coins believed to have been stolen.

The suspect was placed under arrest for further investigation by Paphos’ Police.

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