NewsLocalOver 20% higher prices for pork and chicken as from Monday

Over 20% higher prices for pork and chicken as from Monday

Pork will be 20% more expensive as from Monday while chicken prices are set to go up by 23% following the financial crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine.

As for lamb, an imminent 12% price rise is on the cards, Philenews reported on Wednesday citing insiders.

The war’s first consequences are already recorded in raw materials such as cereals and the fuel market, with prices soaring by 70% in one year and sky-rocketing rises already in finished products such as meat.

The House Agriculture Committee on Tuesday exchanged views on imminent new price increases due to the fact that no measures were taken to prevent external factors affecting the economy, such as war.

Deputy Director of the Consumer Protection Service, Antonis Ioannou, told MPs that the market is free and extremely competitive.

But ceilings on primary products cannot be ruled out if these are exploited, he added, warning that the government will intervene if this possibility becomes a reality.

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