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One in four employees has T/C property

Approximately, one in every four employees of the T/C Properties Management Service has and exploits T/C properties, something that raises a point of order, even though according to Phileleftheros information, some of the employees claim that these properties were given to them before they joined the Civil service. In other words, they say that these properties were given to them or to their parents at a time when they could not have affected their positions in the Service.

These properties are used either by the employees themselves or members of their familes.

According to Phileleftheros information, one of the most striking cases that is not included in the above list, is a 500-acre piece of land given to an employee of the Service.

So far, the final list of employees having T/C properties is not ready since some seem to have stated that they had not been informed.

The issue will be discussed at one of the next meetings of the House Refugee Committee in the presence of the Legal Service, the Audit Office and the Interior Minister.



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