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One in five women in Europe sexually harassed, most of them in workplace

One in five women in Europe have experienced sexual harassment from the age of 15 and above, according to recent data on gender-based violence within bloc members.

The same research has 32% of women victims saying either their boss, a colleague or even a client was the perpetrator.

Recently-released data by the University of Nicosia’s Insights Market Research (IMR) also confirms this bleak phenomenon of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The survey was conducted between November-December 2020 with a random sample of 1,000 people all across Cyprus.

Specifically, nine out of 10 employees but also employers said gender-based inequality in the labour market exists, while 86% of those polled were convinced that discrimination is more common against women.

In addition, 51% of them said they knew of cases of people within their circle of friends or family who had been sexually harassed or sexually abused.

Moreover, four out of 10 employees, mainly in the private sector, were confronted with gender-related issues.

nd two out of 10  employees said they had experienced sexual harassment in the workplace but with the vast majority (78%) of them adding that they had not reported it to police or anyone else.

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