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One day before new House Speaker gets elected, behind the scenes party movement reaches peak

With the island’s new House Speaker to be voted in on Thursday during the first session of the newly-elected parliament, behind the scenes party movement has reached a peak, according to Philenews.

Third-biggest centre Diko head Nicolas Papadopoulos announced his candidacy first on Tuesday hoping for the support of main opposition Akel and socialist Edek. This coalition could secure a victory.

But this seems to be a long shot considering that left-wing Akel, the second-biggest party in parliament, is getting ready to announce on Wednesday their leader Andros Kyprianou’s candidacy.

Edek, who lost votes in May 31’s parliamentary election to far-right Elam, seems to be waiting for a clearer picture, with its political bureau set to meet on Wednesday afternoon. That is, after party officials hold consultations with both Diko and Akel.

As for new party Dipa, made up of Diko dissidents, they   have also adopted a wait and see approach, while ruling right-wing Disy which came out first in the latest ballot said it will stick with its candidate MP Annita Demetriou to the end.

Elam and the Greens are both putting their presidents Christos Christou and Charalambos Theopemptou forward, but both are widely expected to withdraw their candidacies in the second round – barring unexpected support from elsewhere.

Under the rules, a candidate must secure 27 votes to be elected in the first round.

With seven parties in the House and Disy holding only 17 seats all parties will need to forge alliances with other parties.

If an alliance remains elusive, the vote will move to a second round where the winning candidate will need the support of at least 22 MPs and then to a third, where the candidate with the most votes wins.


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