NewsLocalOKYpY clashes with private hospitals again

OKYpY clashes with private hospitals again

The State Health Services Organization (OKYpY) keeps clashing with private hospitals. The number of patients in the state hospitals’ ICUs is increasing and as a result the available beds decrease. OKYpY is requesting the transfer of intubated patients who are not infected with COVID-19 to private hospitals, which however, are unwilling to receive them claiming that they are infected with other hospital multi-resistant pathogens and might infect the other patients.

The doctors of the private hospitals also claim that there have several patients with other health problems and have anyway received a large number of patients from state hospitals.

The OKYpY spokesman said that according to the health decree only urgent surgeries have to take place and as far as multi-resistant pathogens are concerned, each hospital must have a way of dealing with these.

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