NewsLocalNo violations in buses transporting pupils, say police

No violations in buses transporting pupils, say police

Checks in public transport have started, a police spokesman has told CNA, and include buses transporting pupils as of Monday when secondary schools reopened for final year pupils as part of the easing of Coronavirus lockdown.

Police spokesman Stelios Stylianou said that since Monday no violations were found in buses taking pupils to and from schools.

Stylianou reminded that as per the relevant decrees issued by the Health Ministry, drivers of public transport are obligated to wear a face mask, which is not compulsory for passengers but it is recommended.

He added that capacity in public transport cannot exceed 50% noting that the driver is responsible for checking that this regulation is adhered to.

In addition, there should only be one passenger per double seating in buses and the seats behind the driver must remain vacant, adding that each person individually needs to also take their own personal hygiene measures.

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