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No more free rapid tests for people who have not been vaccinated – exceptions

The Council of Ministers insisted on its decision to stop the program of free rapid tests to citizens who have not been vaccinated as of 1 August, despite suggestions by various officials and experts to the opposite.

The following are exempted from this decision:

–Minors up to 12 who at present do not have the choice of vaccination.

–Minors aged 12-17, given that their parents do not consent to their vaccination.

–People aged 16 and over who cannot be vaccinated due to a medical problem. Relevant instructions will be issued for the citizens by health professionals.

–Pregnant women who have the necessary certificate by their gynecologist certifying that vaccination is not recommended.

–People have been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine and need a rapid test as a precondition for the issuing of SafePass during the three-week period until the second dose. The vaccination card needs to be presented as proof.

–People who have completed their vaccination but need to have the test to monitor their health or for other reasons. Vaccination card also needed.

–People recovering from COVID-10 within the last 180 days.

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