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New relaxations of Covid-19 measures as of Friday 22 April

Health Minister Michael Hadjipantelas announced the new relaxations of Covid-19 measures, following the Cabinet’s decisions.

Specifically the Cabinet decided:

  • As of 22 April, no SafePass needed in external areas of restaurants and entertainment venues
  • As of 22 April no restrictions on the number of people per table in restaurants and house gatherings in homes.
  • As of 22 April no masks needed for restaurant employees outside
  • As of 15 May no SafePass needed anywhere, except in nightclubs, visitors in old people’s homes, medical centers and rehabilitation centers.
  • As of 15 May visits to old people homes and clinics will be allowed with a 48-hour rapid test or 72-hour PCR test for people who have no vaccination certificate.
  • As of 15 May, close contacts of confirmed cases do not need to isolate
  • As of 15 May no need for masks for children under 12
  • As of 15 May the test to stay measure for students and teachers is abolished
  • As of 15 May it is recommended that all citizens carry self-tests once a week
  • As of 15 May students will also stop being required to show a SafePass
  • As of 15 May, the maximum capacity of hospitality venues as well as bars and nightclubs was increased to 100 per cent for establishments up to 500 sq m and to 85 per cent for those over 500 sq m with the ratio remaining to one person per sq m. The maximum capacity in stadiums and casinos was also increased to 85 per cent.
  • A price ceiling of 6 euros for every pack of five self-tests set.
  • The forth dose of the vaccine is approved for people aged 60 and over, provided five months have passed since their latest vaccination.

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