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New protest march on Saturday

In the aftermath of incidents that occurred last week in Nicosia, a new protest march is being organized for this Saturday at Kolokasis Park.

The organizers of the event noted that the incidents of 13 February clearly indicated that the last thing the authorities are concerned about is public health.

Their demands are:

  • Investments in health and education and not for the police and arms program
  • An end to the management of the pandemic under conditions of suppression
  • Measures to support workers and unemployed, local, migrants and asylum seekers
  • An end to the war against culture and sports
  • An end to the prohibition of protests
  • An end to police violence and withdrawal of the water cannon
  • Release of the 11 people arrested last week

They also invited other organizations and groups to participate in the march, wearing their masks and keeping their distances. They noted that the mobilizations are anti-fascist so nationalistic and religious symbols and slogans are not welcome

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