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New fraud to steal access codes from social media

The Police has recently received a lot of complaints regarding suspicious messages aiming to steal access codes for social media accounts and particularly for Instagram.

Specifically, various users of social media receive a message, either an email or an SMS, supposedly by an acquaintance, asking them to send a screenshot of the message they received and includes a link, to help the acquaintance regain access to his/her social media account.

With these messages the culprits aim to gain access to the receiver’s account through the specific link.

The Police advise the public to be particularly careful in this kind of messages and never to reveal access codes and links to any person, even if this person seems to be an acquaintance. In case a suspicious message is received, the person should contact the acquaintance in another way to confirm the request. If the link is sent, then it is recommended to change the access code of the account.

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