NewsLocalNearly 3,000 people have received the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

Nearly 3,000 people have received the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

Nearly three thousand people have received the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to  Acting Director of Medical and Public Health Services, Olga Kalakouta.

She told CNA that the vaccination programme continues without a problem for all groups and people over the age of 65 will be notified of the procedure to be followed for their third dose.

According to Kalakouta, the vaccination programme for the third dose continues for residents of nursing homes and their staff.

Today, she added, is the last day for nursing homes to request an appointment through the ministry of health, for a third dose.

Vaccination for the immunosuppressed and immunodeficient started ten days ago. These include those who have undergone transplants, people with immunodeficiency and HIV/AIDS and those on biological agents. The ministry will also inform those with hematological or oncological malignancies as well as people on cortisone.

Regarding those over 65, Kalakouta said a statement will be released by the ministry either today or tomorrow on the way the vaccination will take place.

She said that based on information gathered until Saturday, 18 September, 2.921 people have been vaccinated with the third dose. The total number of people receiving the third dose is 8 thousand.

The remaining vaccinations with the first and second dose continue, she said, adding that there is a greater interest for the younger ages, 12-18. We are in contact with schools in remote areas to provide help for on-the-spot vaccinations, she also said. Mobile units are also visiting tertiary education schools to help students take their shots.

In addition, she said that there is a campaign underway to attract the younger ages to get vaccinated and increase awareness. We want to protect students and those university students to help their school year run smooth, Kalakouta added.

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