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National strategy to make schools more environmentally friendly

The Education Ministry will embark on a tree planting campaign at schools and supply pupils with ‘green’ alternatives to plastic straws and bottles as part of efforts to combat climate change.

These various actions are part of a national strategy on environmental education that were outlined by Coordinator of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development department Aravella Zachariou to the House Environment and Education Committees.

She said the  “Making schools greener” programme to be implemented in 2019-2020 will urge schools to increase green areas, improve volunteerism, cultivate environmental awareness and encourage positive influences that brings students, parents, teachers and broader society together to do their bit in making the planet greener and protecting forests.

As part of this campaign, schools will be encouraged to plant trees to tackle climate change.

Schools that have no green areas will cooperate with local authorities to implement the programme.

The ministry will also step up the fight against plastic, with pupils to be supplied with a bag, an eco-friendly straw and a special drinking cup to use in school to replace a plastic bag, plastic straw and plastic bottle or glass.

Schools have also participated in awareness campaigns against single use plastic bags, Zachariou added.


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