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National strategy to improve lives of Cyprus’ elderly drafted

A national strategy has been drafted aiming to improve the lives of Cyprus’ elderly who seem to be confronted with insufficient provision of services by doctors, nurses, caretakers and other health professionals.

To begin with, the number of doctors specializing in geriatrics in Cyprus is limited, Philenews also reported on Tuesday.

At the same time, planning is needed for the prevention and treatment of diseases that afflict primarily the elderly.

Nonetheless, latest statistics show that life expectancy in Cyprus is 84.8 years for women and 80.0 years for men.

In the EU, the average life expectancy is 80.9 years with a healthy life expectancy – which seems to be the same in Cyprus – at 63.7 years.

The drafted policy by the Ministry of Health is in collaboration with participants of a University of Cyprus workshop and is now in the hands of all involved parties for a study and submission of proposals.

The strategy focuses on four main issues: prevention of illness, promotion of healthy aging, friendly environment for the elderly and research and education.

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