NewsLocalMore than 450,000 SMS requests on first day of lockdown easing

More than 450,000 SMS requests on first day of lockdown easing

Monday, first day of the easing of the lockdown which included an increase in the number of movements by exception from one to three a day, saw a jump in the number of text messages sent to 8998.

According to figures obtained by CNA, a total of 457,949 text messages were sent of which 453,948 were approved.

On Sunday, with shops closed and only one message permitted, the number of 237,455 of which 230,600 were approved.

On Saturday, the number of valid SMS was 321,138 and those approved were 309,736 while on Friday the respective figures were 230,231 and 222,947.

The biggest number of SMS requests on Monday were for shopping (177,242). On Sunday, the same category accounted for 42,854 text messages, on Saturday for 157,534 and on Friday for 56,778.

On Monday, 91,267 text messages for exercise or walking a pet (Sunday 68,800, Saturday 46,893 and Friday 60,524).

The third most used option to go out on Monday was category 8 — other– with 108,123. It was 64,459 on Sunday, 61,767 on Saturday and 58,240 on Friday.

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