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More than 45 applications for resettlement in north expected – government

The government expects that a significant number of couples until 45 years old will make use of a scheme that was approved on Tuesday by the Council of Ministers and gives incentives to those who want to resettle to Turkish occupied villages of the island, where enclaved persons live.

Presidential Commissioner Photis Photiou has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) that approximately 50 applications are already pending and will be examined now that the scheme has been approved.

The Council of Ministers approved yesterday, in the framework of the government’s policy to encourage couples up to 45 years old to resettle to the occupied villages where the enclaved live, a scheme providing for incentives for the resettlement to these villages, namely Rizokarpaso, Ayia Triada, Kormakitis and Karpashia. The last two are Maronite villages.

He noted that the scheme will enter into force immediately and provides for the allocation of 15 thousand euros to resettled families with children up to 18 years old and of 10 thousand euros for couples with no children.

Moreover, he noted that an amount of two thousand euros will be given for the purchase of household goods, as well as three thousand euros that they will be able to use for occupation purposes.

Photiou said that there is no limit to the number of couples who can apply, noting that there are approximately 50 applications which are already pending and will now be examined.

He noted that as far as he knows and based on the information he has obtained during meetings he held with the community leaders of the four villages he expects that a significant number of couples will make use of these incentives.

Photiou also noted that resettlement to Karpasia area is particularly encouraged, recalling that there is a school for the enclaved children there.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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