NewsLocalMore pieces of errant S200 missile found in Turkish-held north

More pieces of errant S200 missile found in Turkish-held north

More debris from what is believed to be an errant S200 missile which exploded over the village of Vouno in Turkish occupied Cyprus a little after midnight on Monday has been found by members of the public, the Cyprus News Agency reports citing a Turkish Cypriot website.

It said the small pieces of debris have been found in the Vouno and Kornokipos areas by members of the public who alerted authorities to collect them.

The website published photographs of the small pieces.

Turkish Cypriot authorities said on Monday that an object which hit occupied northern Cyprus appears to have been an errant Russian-made missile from Syria. They said the missile could have been a spillover of an Israeli strike on Syria and a counter response.

It is believed the missile exploded before it struck the ground as there was no crater and debris was found at a number of locations.

The object hit a mountainside north of the capital Nicosia near the village of Vouno in the Kyrenia district, at around 1 am on Monday, setting off a fire that was contained at around 3.40 am.

Pieces were also found in the garden of a house in Dikomo.

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