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More people seen taking Holy Communion these days

At the time when church services in Limassol and Paphos take place without people due to the restrictive measures for COVID-19, the churches in other towns remain open and services take place normally.

However, due to the new measures and due to the maximum number of people allowed in the church, most people go there, enter to light a candle and then go out into the churchyard from where they hear the mass. They re-enter the church only for Holy Communion.

It is noted that even though the number of people going to church has been reduced due to the restrictive measures, the number of people taking Holy Communion has increased. For example, out of the 100 people who went to a church in Nicosia, yesterday, 70 took the Holy Communion.

At the end of the service, however, the priest did not distribute the holy bread himself, as usual, saying this was against the measures against coronavirus.


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