NewsLocalMoE: "Induction of migrant children in schools a priority"

MoE: “Induction of migrant children in schools a priority”

Minister of Education Prodromos Prodromou said yesterday that the induction of migrant children in Cypriot schools is a priority for his ministry and is already being discussed by the House, philenews reports.

“It’s a state policy and a Ministry practice to ensure the smooth induction of these pupils into public schools and to provide them — as is their right — with the education stipulated by this country,” Prodromou said.

He added that language teaching support to children of migrants that are not sufficiently familiar with Greek has been in place for some years.

“In order for them to partake in learning meaningfully and truly benefit, these children need to adequately know Greek. This way they will participate in teaching equally, and nobody should participate in classes without being sufficiently familiar with the language.

“Therefore, it is our obligation to teach these children Greek as well as some general knowledge. We need to reorganise Greek language classes accordingly, and these should be a prerequisite for their introduction to regular school classes,” he concluded.

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