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Mobile cameras recording many violations

The Traffic Police are urging drivers to respect road traffic rules because now the mobile cameras, in addition to the fixed ones, can be found everywhere and so far there have been several fines for violations that occurred during the first 10 days of December.

According to a Police official from 23 until 31 December, when cameras started recording violations officially, there have been the following violations: The four fixed cameras at the crossing of Griva Digeni and Dimostheni Severi recorded 800 violations and the four mobile ones 6,500.

As the official said, drivers have more or less complied with the traffic rules where they know there are cameras but they can do nothing about the mobile ones. He noted that the mobile cameras are in fact invisible. The company that manages the mobile cameras is obliged to put warning signs 100 meters before the camera in the towns and 5 klm in the highways so if the drivers are speeding they will not have the time to slow down and they will get a fine.

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