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Mobile apps for fun and games in Troodos

Two mobile apps for Troodos that provide information to visitors on local points of interest, things to do as well as entertainment through a treasure hunt have been created by Frederick University, the Environment Department and the Forestry Department.

For anyone planning to visit the snowy area in the coming days, the apps ‘iLIFE-TROODOS’ (available for iOS and Android devices) and ‘iLIFE-TROODOS Treasure hunt’ (also available for iOS and Android devices) are indispensable tools for a fun and constructive time.


The ‘Troodos National Forest Park (iLIFE-TROODOS)’ App aims to provide information to the visitors of the Troodos National Forest Park about the natural values of the Park and the ecosystem services it provides. It seeks to become the ultimate tool for the visitors, providing information regarding the biodiversity of the area and the available opportunities for recreation, like:
– Camping and picnic sites,
– Nature trails,
– Cycling routes,
– Accommodation,
– Restaurants,
– Museums,
– Churches,
– Waterfalls,
– Environmental centers, etc.

Moreover, the app includes weather information, calorie counter and many other capabilities.

All points of interest are geotagged and provide the option to navigate via Google maps to the selected point.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.


The ‘iLIFE-TROODOS Treasure hunt’ App includes three treasure hunt games, each of which corresponds to a different thematic section: Environmental Route, Cultural Heritage Route and Platania Picnic Site. The first two thematic sections are for adults and the third section for children aged 10-15.

During the game, the players will have the opportunity to familiarise with the natural areas and infrastructures in the area of Troodos National Forest Park and to acquire knowledge on environmental issues and the cultural heritage of the area.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.



Visitors can also make use of touch screens that have been placed at two information kiosks at the Platania picnic site and in Troodos.

The information kiosks include information panels with eye-catching pictures and texts and an information outdoor touch screen.

The touch screen provides information about the Troodos National Forest Park (biodiversity, ecosystem services, etc.), and information about the available recreational activities and games like multiple choice questions and puzzles.

 The iLIFE-TROODOS project is co-funded by the European Union within the framework of LIFE programme.

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