NewsLocalMitsero case: Suspect remanded for eight days for premeditated murder

Mitsero case: Suspect remanded for eight days for premeditated murder

A 33 year old man suspected of killing a woman whose body was discovered in an abandoned mine shaft in Mitsero was remanded in custody for eight days on Wednesday as police continue the search for her six year old daughter.

A police investigator told Nicosia district court that blue rope similar to that used to tie up the victim was found at the suspect’s house in Larnaca as was the passport of the missing child.

As the remand hearing got underway, police resumed their search for the child — a daughter of the victim and the suspect. The child was reported missing with her mother in May 2018.

Police are investigating a case of premeditated murder, kidnapping and kidnapping with intent to commit premeditated murder. The alleged offences occurred between May 5 , 2018 and April 14, 2019.

A police investigator told the court that the alleged offences occurred in Nicosia and Larnaca. He said the victim was discovered with her hands and feet tied with blue rope. The body was naked and in an advanced stage of decomposition and a post-mortem has failed to determine an exact cause of death.

Earrings found on the victim’s body were recognised by the friend of the victim who had reported her disappearance.

The friend had told police that the woman had separated from her boyfriend because he drank heavily and that they argued over who should have custody of the child. In 2016, their relationship ended and she would not allow him to see the child, the court heard.

The police investigator also said that rope had been found in the suspect’s house. The suspect said he had taken it from the building site where he works. Police have testimony that he had physically abused her in the past, something which he admitted during questioning. Moreover, the child’s travel documents were found at his house.

Inquiries through Interpol indicate that she had not gone abroad with the child.

Counsel for the defence said his client denied any involvement but did not object to the remand because the man wanted to help investigators get to the bottom of the case and prove his innocence.

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