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Man arrested for theft and possession of stolen property

Paphos police late on Friday arrested a 20 year old youth in a stolen car who is also suspected of burglary.

Yesterday’s arrest follows that of a 30 year old man a few days ago who has been charged with using a stolen cheque book to buy goods.

The cheque book was stolen from a Paphos shop on August 9, and a few days later stolen cheques started showing up  — used to buy mobile telephones and pay rents.

In one case a cheque was used by two non-Cypriots to buy a mobile phone, with the shop keeper giving them back  €400 in cash as ‘change’  since the phone cost €100 and they had issued a cheque for €500.

On the same day a 54 year old complained to police that the 30 year old had paid his rent with a stolen cheque. The 30 year old was arrested on August 13, remanded in custody for three days, then charged and released.

The 20 year old was arrested on Friday night driving a car which had been reported as stolen. In his car, police found a number of women’s wallets, a number of passports and burglary tools.


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