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Major findings in wildcat death investigation


Important clues that might lead to cause of death for Berton the wildcat, a case that has sparked strong reaction by animal rights groups, are currently being assessed by investigating veterinarians.

Blood samples from the animal were taken for specialised histopathological tests, following major clinical findings emerging from the August 11th  autopsy on Berton at the veterinary services lab in Nicosia, according to the latest Philenews sources.

In early August and following surgery, the animal appeared to be doing well at the Peyia zoo, but various external factors led to a sudden change in behaviour a couple of days before the wildcat died.

The animal attacked a 3 year old girl on May 8, causing her light head injuries.

Following this incident the owner gave Berton to the Limassol zoo and subsequently an investigation was launched against her for importing and possessing a live wild animal without the necessary license.

The wildcat was transferred to the Peyia zoo on August 1st, but died a week later.

Animal rights groups have protested over what they said were the poor conditions in which the animal was kept, with little care and took their complaint to Attorney General Yiorgos Savvides, who promised to look into all the evidence, once the file was submitted to the legal service.

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