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Long lines, inconvenience at Limassol and Paphos inspection checkpoints

Inspection procedures at checkpoints for entry and exit to and from coronavirus-stricken districts of Limassol and Paphos on Saturday caused long lines of vehicles. And a lot of inconvenience to those waiting.

That’s why police urged the group of workers and others allowed to travel to have confirmation papers from their employer and other documents depending on the case ready for presentation.

Limassol and Paphos are almost in total lockdown due to the high number of coronavirus cases detected there in recent weeks. The measure will be in place until the end of the month.


Police have made clear they will not fine people who try to leave or enter these districts without the necessary documentation but they will not be allowed to enter or exit.

As of Wednesday, November 18, all those persons exempt from the travel restrictions will additionally be required to display a negative coronavirus test that has been issued at least seven days prior to the date of travel.

The health ministry announced that these tests would be given to beneficiaries free of charge, while workers are required to get tested in their district of residence.

Testing started on Saturday in most districts while in Paphos it will start on Sunday, according to CNA.

People in Limassol on Saturday lined up for hours to get tested outside the lab designated by the health ministry to carry out the tests.

In the meantime, the fisheries department has clarified that travel of amateur fishermen from other districts to Paphos and Limassol was not allowed.

However, people from Limassol and Paphos were free to go recreational fishing in reservoirs and from beaches within the district they reside.


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