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Limassol: ‘Zig-zag’ cycle lane architect resigns

The architect in charge of supervising the construction of the ‘crazy’ bicyle lanes in Limassol has resigned from the municipality which in turn has decided to end disciplinary action against him, Phileleftheros reported on Friday.

Pictures of the bizarre lanes zigzagging on and off the pavement in a Limassol neighbourhood south of Franklin Roosevelt avenue went viral online in autumn last year, generating much amusement among the public and embarrassment at the  Limassol Municipality.

Cyclists were told not to use the cycle lanes and an investigative officer was appointed by Mayor Nicos Nicolaides to examine the issue.

A 38 page report submitted to the mayor in November pointed to serious mistakes and the mayor sought legal advice on whether municipal employees can be held accountable for serious omissions and errors regarding the construction of the new bicycle lanes.

“Based on the report, at first sight there appears to be a case of serious omissions and errors at various stages of the implementation of the project,” the mayor said at the time.

The report was forwarded to the legal counsel of the municipality who drew up 26 charges against the architect which were conveyed to the Municipal Council. The Municipal Council in turn appointed an eight member disciplinary committee headed by the mayor to hear the case.

As the committee prepared to hear the case, the municipal employee submitted his resignation and asked to retire.

The issue was referred to the Municipal Council which agreed to end the disciplinary proceedings and accept the reignation and early retirement of the employee. All parties voted in favour with the exception of Disy.

The project to create the cycle lanes in a neighbourhood south of Franklin Roosevelt Street was assigned by the municipality to a private contractor. Supervision was assigned to a municipal architect.

The initial design was for narrow bicycle lanes, running parallel to the pavement. Instead, the neighbourhood got lanes painted in red running on and off the pavement and bypassing cars parked on the pavement.

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