NewsLocalLimassol residents say city's centre is "not livable"

Limassol residents say city’s centre is “not livable”

Members of the Association of Residents and Friends of the Historic Limassol Centre in a press release on Tuesday expressed their frustration over illegal establishments, noise pollution and over-development in the city’s centre.

In their announcement residents of the area requested authorities to intervene “without any further delay.”

Specifically, they asked the Limassol Municipality to stop issuing new music licenses and check current permits, as well as close establishments operating illegally without a planning permit.

The affected residents also requested the municipality to solve the problem of establishments setting up chairs and tables on pavements, as well as free up pedestrian roads which have become parking spaces.

They say that access to the area for ambulances, fire engines, and garbage trucks is impossible, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

They also request to discuss issuing special parking permits for residents.

Furthermore, the association urged the police to intervene effectively and suspend the operation of all illegal establishments, “to restore order and security in the centre of town, and to proceed with frequent patrols to combat illegal parking which makes access to our homes impossible.”

Concluding, the residents stated that they demand equal rights with all other residents of the municipality and are looking forward to the intervention of the competent authorities.

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