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Limassol Oncology Centre: the deal is sealed

The Ministry of Health and the German Oncology Centre, which began offering its services in Limassol last September, have come to an agreement after months of deliberation, while it is expected that the relevant agreement will be signed within the next fortnight.

As reported by “Ph”, the consultations that took place between the special committee set up at the Ministry of Health and the representatives of the private oncology hospital last January, resulted in solving all the problems that arose in the period preceding the consultations and that related mainly to the financial aspect of the agreement. Indeed, the Ministry of Health seems to have secured a new approval from the Council of Ministers, which whilst last January had been in favour of spending 4 million Euros on the purchase of oncology services by the Centre in question, it has recently decided to increase the budget by several hundreds of thousands of Euros in order to reach an agreement.

The agreement includes, among other, the purchase of radiotherapy services for cancer patients residing in the areas of Limassol and Pafos and the purchase of services for specialized examinations that are currently purchased by the State from centers located abroad.

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