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Legislation on use of electric scooters passed since July 14, but no one seems to care

Legislation on electric scooters in Cyprus was passed on July 14 but users seem totally unaware of its safety and other provisions – and no one is there to enforce it, either.

In fact, most users of the increasingly popular personal mobility vehicle do not wear helmets – something which is mandatory.

And even worse, they do not use designated bicycle lanes riding even on roads that do not provide access to bicycles.

Moreover, the minimum age for the use of e-scooters has been set at 14 but many times this is not the case.  A high visibility vest at night time has been also made mandatory and their maximum permitted speed has been set at 20 kilometres per hour.

However, no one checks their speed and traffic police apparently have yet to get briefed on the specific obligations of electric scooter users.

An apparent extension of compliance has been given to users – mainly tourists and students – especially now in the summer. But a real problem will arise if a serious accident takes place.

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