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Laws regulating use of scooters and bicycles

With two laws that were enacted yesterday, the use of scooters and bicycles was regulated.

First, all bikers need to wear helmets. The law will be in force in six months, thus giving the time to bikers to be informed and get helmets.

Regarding scooters, regulations will be implemented immediately, except for technical specifications, since suppliers will need time to be informed and comply accordingly.

Scooters will need to move at 20km maximum, drivers will need to wear a helmet, will have to move in areas specific for bikers and not in the streets, while locall authorities will be entitled to issue licenses for the use of scooters in squares and pedestrian roads of their municipality.

Drivers should be 14 and over and will not be allowed to carry a second person on their scooter. Furthermore, scooters must have brakes, light at the front and at the back as well as a bell.

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