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Larnaca Municipal Service Centre opens to the public

The Larnaca Municipality announced today the opening of its Municipal Service Centre to the public on Tuesday March 4, 2020, on 11 Andrea Miaouli Street (formerly the Larnaca Coop Bank headquarters).

According to the announcement, the move aims to resolve the parking problem the public faces at the Municipality’s headquarters.

“The new centre has its own free parking for the public to use. We call on the public to use the centre as of March 4 to pay municipal fees, traffic fines and sewerage fees as this department will be fully transferred from the headquarters to the new premises as of that date,” the announcement said.

The public can visit the new service centre to settle the following:

Municipal bills and fines

  • Refuse collection bills
  • Professional licences
  • Immovable property
  • Cemetery
  • Dog permits
  • Extrajudicial fines

Larnaca Sewerage Board

  • Payment of sewerage fees

The public can also address the centre to contest Tax fees.

Larnaca Municipal Service Centre contact telephone: 70003100

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