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Labor Ministry prepares bill on teleworking

The Ministry of Labor intends to submit a draft bill before Parliament regarding the issue of teleworking for all employees, both in the private and public sectors.

During yesterday’s meeting at the House Labor Committee, Andys Apostolou, industrial relations officer at the Ministry of Labor, made some clarifications about the draft bill, noting that the public service is not exempted for the time being and adding that the bill’s main principles are generally based on the Greek legislation for teleworking.

Mr. Apostolou said that the bill has been at the Legal Service for some time now and it is expected that next week the final document will be submitted to the Ministry with corrections and suggestions. He added that sometime in September, new negotiations with social partners will take place, possibly with the participation of PASYDY and other organizations in the public sector.

On behalf of OEV, the employers’ federation, Polyvios Polyviou suggested freezing the processes in Cyprus until the relevant dialogue is concluded at a European level but Mr. Apostolou said the Labor Minister has rejected the request.

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