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Investigations within Central Prison over regional criminal ring’s hit list

Investigations were carried out within the island’s Central Prison as well after Athens Interpol alerted that a specific police station in Nicosia was also on the hit list of a regional criminal ring.

This is what Philenews reported on Wednesday citing police insiders who also said they had ‘talked’ to an inmate who might have been aware of the planned criminal act.

The target was Lykavitos police station in the heart of Nicosia but also a possible second one.

A screen shot of the Lycavitos station as it is on google was found – in electronic form – in the possession of members of the ring during investigations of evidence seized by Greek Police last month.

The evidence was immediately forwarded by Interpol Athens to Interpol Nicosia and strong security measures were immediately taken, insiders also said.

Security authorities of the two countries are on a hotline as far as this case goes.

The alert from Interpol Athens follows the arrest in December of 11 people, six of whom “active in drug trafficking but also in the execution of criminal actions upon demand”.

One of the 11 suspects arrested in the wider Attica area and who seems to be connected with the Lykavitos police station has a contract killing past. He is a 47-year-old man of Balkan origin.

He had been arrested in his home country for homicides, illegal possession of weapons and participation in a paramilitary organisation.

Evidence collected during the coordinated operation by Greek Police departments and services indicates that the members of the ring were preparing criminal act against the Nicosia station. The motives remain unknown.

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