NewsLocalInvestigation regarding commando's death after helicopter jump to wrap up

Investigation regarding commando’s death after helicopter jump to wrap up

Investigators will gather evidence from Italy regarding the death of Panagiotis Gianniou who lost his life tragically during a National Guard exercise in June in Akamas, after falling from a helicopter.

Daily Phileleftheros reported, that investigators will travel to Italy to contact the maker company of the flight recorded of the helicopter to secure evidence about what had been said in the aircraft before the commando’s fall.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou told Phileleftheros, that the investigators will travel to Italy next week to clarify whether the person in charge had instructed the soldiers to jump into the water from the helicopter.

Initial evidence shows that the height from which Gianniou jumped as well as the velocity of the helicopter were miscalculated, leading to his death.

According to information, at the time the commando jumped, the helicopter was flying at a height of 20 meters instead of three. It has been also ascertained that at the time of the jump the helicopter had already begun its ascent.

The police report will then be submitted to the Law Office of the Republic.

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