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Illegalities block properties within British Bases

Illegal industries within the Akrotiri British Bases have become an obstacle to private persons wanting to use their properties there.

According to a relevant provision issued last May, these landlords are prevented from developing their land since it is provided that these properties can only be developed if the said illegal industries are demolished or transferred elsewhere. However, as the owners say, they have no relation to these industries. The Municipality of Ypsonas agrees with the land owners and is getting ready to file a protest against the provision.

Furthermore, no deadline has been set so that these illegal industries will be transferred.

An official of the Department of Town Planning and Housing, noted that the intention is to find a solution, pointing out that the controversial provision was made to protect the land owners. As he said, the point of environmental pollution is unknown so the area must be cleaned before any work is done there.

A commander of the British Bases also expressed the wish for a solution to the problem.

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